Krestmark Industries Impact Flyer


Freelance creative director and designer at Krestmark Industries for 10 years. Responsibilities included all creative, design and art direction for print collateral, web site, advertising and displays in Home Depots and McCoys retailers.  The company was purchased by Headwaters Incorporated in 2016 for $24o million.

Excerpt from BusinessWire
On August 19, 2016, Headwaters closed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Krestmark Industries for a purchase price of $240 million, subject to certain adjustments pursuant to the terms of an Asset Purchase Agreement executed by the parties on August 1, 2016.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Krestmark is one of the top-performing manufacturers of high quality vinyl windows in the U.S. Krestmark has developed a best-in-class business model offering an optimal line of branded window products to a diverse customer base of homebuilders, lumber yards, and distributors. The acquisition is a natural extension of Headwaters’ focus on supplying our customers and homeowners with attractive products for the exterior of the home.

“We anticipate strong growth for Krestmark in 2017 that should drive additional revenue to Headwaters’ top line,” said Kirk A. Benson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Headwaters. “Along with additional revenue, the transaction should result in expansion of our Adjusted EBITDA margins, strengthening our position as a top quartile building products company.”